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In the latest episode of my podcast Unchained ( Google Play , iTunes , Stitcher or TuneIn Radio ), Carlson-Wee recounts everything from how, in bitcoins earliest days, he used to deposit cash into other peoples bank accounts in order to obtain the cryptocurrency to how he singlehandedly managed customer support at Coinbase until it had 250,000 users. And, of course, he talks about about his new venture. Polychain manages a hedge fund that invests exclusively in digital assets. We invest exclusively in protocols, not companies, and we do this by investing in things made scarce through the blockchain, he says. He began to notice the trend in new digital asset investments in the winter of 2015-2016 at Coinbase, when he was learning about Ethereum, a blockchain network that has more capabilities than bitcoins, which is focused on payments. People were building digital assets on top of Ethereum and launching them by selling them to people, which raises money much the way you might raise money in a series A [venture capital round], except that youre funding a peer-to-peer open source protocol instead of a company, which is a totally unprecedented effect, says Carlson-Wee. He chooses the term digital assets over the more commonly used cryptocurrencies to describe these tokens becausepeople got it in their mind that bitcoin as a cryptocurrency was basically limited to money or currency. While that metaphor is perhaps useful to understand this, its ultimately not the full picture, he says. A good example is just a day or two ago is, I was playing blackjack against a smart contract. (Smart contracts are pieces of software or code that execute transactions when certain conditions are met.) To describe the transactions that were being created when he would shuffle the deck or take a hit in the game winning and losing real money the metaphor of money or currency doesnt do that justice, he says.

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img Thursdays through Sundays. Daylights season lineup also includes Metro Boomin, Laidback Luke, Morgan Page, Bassjackers, T-Pain, Steve Powers and Jerzy and one-off events with Flume, Ludacris, Rick Ross, Ice Cube and Nicole Moudaber. The night party Eclipse is returning, and Daylight is introducing hip-hop party Lit Sundays. Daylight boasts a 5,000-square-foot pool; two pool-to-service VIP pools; 1,400-square-foot elevated stage with unobstructed views of DJs and artists; daybeds; 23 private VIP cabanas; two VIP bungalows with private dipping pools; two new VIP pools, including a 448-square-foot pool to service north-side cabanas; and 245-square-foot pool to service south and west cabanas. The deck includes 50 daybeds, LED screens and 25 U-shaped banquets. Daylight is run by management consulting and marketing company Play founded in 2015 by hospitality execs Colin Comer and John Pettei. Rehab Beach Club Rehab Beach Club, the original Las Vegas dayclub, returns for a Spring Break celebration at The Hard Rock Hotel with pool parties and performances Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays starting this weekend through April 9. The five-acre tropical playground is hosting Austin Mahones 21st Birthday Bash, Heroes & คาสิโนออนไลน์มือถือ Villains party featuring DJ Jamie Iovine in partnership with Meltdown Comics and a St. Patricks Day Celebration. Lexy Panterra and DJs Cheat Codes and Jazzy Jeff also are set at Rehab as partygoers enjoy sandy beaches, cocktails, swim-up blackjack tables and cabanas. The college bikini contest is April 9.

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